Taxi with child seat

baby TAXI

The baby TAXI service or taxi with child seat started in Greece in 2015 and has, ever since, transported thousands of children with their parents. The baby TAXI service is available in Athens and Thessaloniki, and we hope to expand to other cities in Greece soon. This is an innovative idea in the field of transportation, which fully covers the needs of every family with young children.

Advantages of baby TAXI

  • Security and trust
    Security and trust
    Our cars are always clean and well maintained. After each use, the entire interior of the car is cleaned and disinfected before the next trip.
  • Cleaning and disinfection
    Cleaning and disinfection
    Cleaning and disinfection are performed with certified organic products, completely safe for children and parents.
  • Properly trained drivers
    Properly trained drivers
    All our drivers are properly trained and know how to adjust the child seat to each child's body, so that it is fully protected, without feeling uncomfortable. Loose straps that do not fit snugly on the child's body offer minimal protection.
  • High quality child seats
    High quality child seats
    Suitable child seats are always used depending on the age, weight or height of the child. Call us, inform us about the age and weight of the child, so that your taxi always comes with the proper seat. All child seats are of excellent quality and meet all international safety standards.
  • High quality services at an affordable cost
    High quality services at an affordable cost
    The positive feedback from our customers proves that we do our job efficiently without hidden charges.
  • Payment by card
    Payment by card
    You can pay for our services with all credit and debit cards.

What is baby TAXI

These are taxis that deal exclusively with the transportation of small children, ie children who need a child seat for their safety.

We are parents ourselves, and, thus, we know first-hand how to keep children or babies happy and safe when transported by taxi.

The baby TAXI service offers top taxi services for children in Athens and Thessaloniki.

What children ages are covered by baby TAXI

We cover all ages from transporting newborns from the maternity hospital, up to children 7 years old, or of 1 meter and 35 cm in height, which is the maximum for a child seat.

What is the cost of the service

The cost of the service varies depending on the pick-up point, the distance of the route and the waiting time that may be required. Contact us, give us the details of the route and we will inform you about the cost.

How many children can you carry with baby TAXI at the same time

Common transfers involve 1 or 2 parents, along with 1 or 2 children who need a child seat. However, baby TAXI has larger vehicles too, which can meet the needs of large families or groups.

The best taxi service with child seat in Athens and Thessaloniki

We invite you to try baby TAXI and see the difference that our service makes on a trip to the city with your children. We know that your children are precious and deserve the best. We work hard to provide the safest, most reliable, and best taxi service with child seat in Athens and Thessaloniki. Soon in other cities too.